Watch an excerpt of ‘Sunset Inside The Listening Room’ from Stephen Adams – Easter at The Piano Mill 2019


Inside The Listening Room is a new composition by Australian artist Stephen Adams that combines richly detailed field recordings with live performance on flutes, cello and voice. Adams is possibly best known via his role as a presenter and producer for ABC Classic FM, though as a vocalist, flautist and composer he has created his own vocal and choral work as well as with electronics and experimental music. More recently he has been creating works at the Piano Mill, which is where this piece originated.

The work is based on recordings made by Adams in fern gully at Harrigans Lane, which includes native birds, insects and frogs, many identified with the assistance of noted naturalist Tim Low. They include: Golden Whistler, Lewin’s Honeyeater, Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo Spotted Pardalote, Grey Fantail, New Holland Honeyeater, Bell Miner, Superb Lyrebird, among others. To this bed of recorded sound he added live performances by Hannah Reardon-Smith (piccolo, bass flute), Danielle Bentley (cello), and his own flute and ocarina. It’s a strange and beautiful collaboration between performance and the natural word.

You can find Sunset Inside The Listening Room here.


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