Vin Sol – Supernatural EP (Craigie Knowes)


San Francisco-based DJ and producer Vin Sol has been releasing tracks since 2010 on labels including Unknown To The Unknown and Delft, and on the heels of his debut album ‘Planet Trash’ released earlier this year, this latest 12” EP on Glasgow label Craigie Knowes ‘Supernatural’ offers up four new tracks that lean distinctly towards acid-infused techno and house.

On the A-side, ‘Tribal Delusions’ opens this EP on a rolling, propulsive note as tumbling metallic percussion sequences interlock with rattling hi-hats, the minimalist soul keys adding a slighter warmer edge to the robotic bass sequences that slide beneath them, before smeared minor-key pads arrive to take things off in a slightly more Detroit-tinged direction.

In contrast, ‘Spraypaint On A Werewolf’ sees the rattling hi-hats taking on a more metallic tensile feel as acid 303 lines worm their way to the forefront and ping-ponging tones float through the background, before ‘Alien Adjustment’ injects a bit more jack into its step, sending retro UK warehouse rave acid squiggles winding around a backbone of deep tech-y rhythms and curiously filtered synth tones, in what’s easily this EP’s most psytrance-flavoured offering.

Finally, ‘Hyper Tension’ brings things to a close with a gear shift down into shuffling electro-house that sees sheeny synth pads casting moody atmosphere against burbling analogue bass sequences and snapping snare programming, in an offering that sits closer to the likes of Luke Vibert or The Gasman. A consistently strong EP from Vin Sol that’s well worth seeking out.


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