Lake Haze – Glitching Dreams (E-Beamz)


A Portuguese electronic producer who’s now based in The Hague, Gonçalo Salgado has released 12”s under his Lake Haze alias since his 2014 debut EP ‘Force Of Nature’ on a wide range of labels including Unknown To The Unknown and One Eyed Jacks. Released through UK label E-Beamz, this debut album ‘Glitching Dreams sees Salgado operating firmly in the classic IDM realm, and collects together eleven new tracks that pay as much homage to early Warp Records sounds as they do to fellow Hague residents such as Legowelt.

From the very outset, there’s a bright, hyper-detailed and slightly brittle aesthetic to a lot of the tracks here. Opening track ‘Memory Card’ provides a bright and breezy IDM intro that becomes increasingly gnarled and contorted as it progresses, as bright melodic pads float against an undergrowth of jagged breakbeats that become increasingly distorted and digitally processed.

The aptly titled ‘Dog Walking In The Park’ meanwhile provides a chilled out and playful wander through crisp electro rhythms and graceful, airy synth arrangements that sees acid 303 lines spiralling out into the distance to hypnotic effect as delicate electronics glisten and stutter around them. Elsewhere, ‘Radius X34’ offers up what’s easily one of this album’s most opulent and hyperdetailed IDM flameouts here, as walls of hammering junglist breakbeats build up into surging coils around squealing acid 303s and jittery arpeggiated sequences, the sense of controlled chaos calling to mind a more widescreen take on Amen Andrews.

For my money though, it’s the storming ‘Molecule Processing’ that unleashes this album’s most spectacular wildcard, eschewing the IDM-centred breakbeats in favour of a furious techno stomp through chaotically bleeping electronics and metallic buzzes that’s easily the most satisfying dancefloor moment here. In truth though, IDM heads should be kept well satisfied by what’s on offer here.


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