Watch an excerpt of Ai Yamamoto’s new ambient work


Ai Yamamoto – Going Home 帰郷 (excerpt) from Dragon's Eye Recordings on Vimeo.

It feels like only a few months since Melbourne based multi media Ai Yamamoto appeared from a long absence with Remembering an EP on Room40. So it’s some surprise to see another EP appear so quickly, this time on Dragons Eye.

Going Home 帰郷 is a single gorgeous 18 minute ambient piece that explores her journey back to her hometown of Shizumu, Kashiba city in Nara, Japan. Quiet spaces, forests, rice fields, seasonal insect sounds, family and friends shape the composition.

Yamamoto states that the piece “brings you a pair of big wings to fly and takes you on a journey of Nostalgia where you feel warm and comfortable. Everyone looks back and thinks about their hometown where they grew up, and sentiment or emotions are all mixed––from bitter to sweet––but you still feel home with smiles. This is a music diary and a journey of ‘where you are from to where you are now.'”

You can read a Cyclic Selects she did for us here.

You can find Going Home 帰郷 here.


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