Watch the premiere of ‘Paprica Walz’ from Ai Yamamoto’s new album


Melbourne based Ai Yamamoto makes abstract electronic highly melodic music, often created on computer and usually with a visual component. Moving to Melbourne from Japan in the early 2000’s she quickly became a fixture in the electronic music community, and has collaborated with the likes of Lawrence English, Adam Gaucci AKA Raceless from Curse Ov Dialect, Steve Law, Ben Sharman, Ben Frost, and Pretty Boy Cross Over. Her music has always been highly distinctive, harnessing technology to fit her own unique temperament, and this recent piece is consistent with this approach. Normally with someone of Ai’s stature we would link to a few reviews we’d written for her releases over the years, but the reality is that releasing music hasn’t seemed to be a priority for her, and they are few and far between.

After some time away from music she’s returned with a new EP Remembering, dropping on the 5th of April on Room40 imprint Someone Good. If this short clip by Nobu Shakegawa is anything to go by – it’s gonna be great.

You can preorder the EP and find out more here.


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