Watch “Paumalu (Sunset Beach)” from the 15th anniversary re release of Mike Cooper’s Rayon Hula


Room40 are celebrating the 15th anniversary of English globetrotting guitarist Mike Cooper’s electronic exotica classic Rayon Hula by re-mastering it, re-editing it and re-releasing it. Which is great news.

We’re big fans of Cooper. We spoke with him in 2015, and have reviewed many of his previous Room40 releases such as Raft, Fratello Mare, and also his most recent collaboration with French experimental rock outfit Hifiklub Aran Stories, which was released on Lebanese label Ruptured.

This is what he says about the album:

“The summer of 2004 house sitting in Palombara, 40 minutes outside of Rome, at our friend Jo Campbell’s house, in the company of several dogs and numerous cats, I set to work outside in the shed with a Zoom Sampletrack ST-224, two mini disc recorders and a Tascam four track cassette machine; a pile of Arthur Lyman and Martin Denny cds and my lap steel. My intention was to create a kind of music that I had hoped to hear when we visited Hawaii in the early 90’s (some kind of Hawaiian Futurism maybe?) which we never did.”

You can find it here.


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