Om Unit – Violet EP (Violet)


Bristol-based electronic producer Jim Coles has had a prolific time during the last year under both his Om Unit and Philip D Kick aliases, and now this latest EP on his own new Violet label (available as either a 2X10” pack or download) offers up four new tracks that see him making a distinct return to Om Unit’s earlier sound.

‘Righteousness’ opens proceedings with a fluid attack of accelerated breakbeats, yawning sub-bass drops and ping-ponging electronics that suggests classic Moving Shadow-era jungle more than contemporary footwork styles, even as dense packets of kickdrums ricochet back and forth through the post-dubstep flavoured mix.

‘City Lights’ drops the pace down a few notches for a soulful roll through deep rolling percussive rhythms, stabbing synths, jazz horns and minor key drones that suggests Mo’ Wax-esque trip hop more than anything else, only for the drums to suddenly accelerate up into clattering rushes in a manner that’s far closer to the likes of Amon Tobin.

Elsewhere, ‘Shackup’ relentlessly circles in upon itself, its whirling collision of junglist breakbeats, dewy phased keys and eerie ambient pads never really seeming to release its pent up tension, before ‘Sleeping Dragon’ takes things off on a ghostly bass-loaded ride through vast wobbling sub-bass, flickering percussion snaps and dub-laden vocal echoes, offering something of a mellow comedown after the preceding rhythmic fireworks (though there’s still time for a flexing ragga-jungle workout at the end). Gorgeous stuff that sees Om Unit making a spectacular return to his roots.


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