Listen to ‘Terroir’ from Nigerién electronic artist Hama


A few years ago Sahel Sounds offered an incredible album from Hama, a multi instrumentalist and electronic synthesizer composer from the Republic of Niger. The album, Torodi was just like nothing else around, raw, minimal synthetic genius that merged North African synth with Tuareg traditions, creating a whole new form.

‘Terroir’ is the first track from his forthcoming album, which is a bit of a change of pace. This is what the label has to say about its creation:

“Hama taught himself electronic music by recreating songs from memory: early 90s techno, Phil Collins, and French Hip Hop. Painstaking crafted on the spotty electric grid in Niamey with earbuds and a hacked copy of FruityLoops, “Houmeissa” is the result of remarkable passion. Inspired by diverse sounds spanning Tuareg guitar to second wave Detroit Techno, Saharan folk songs are transformed into atemporal works that defy categorization. Varied time signatures and distinct polyrhythms are deconstructed and rebuilt on drag and drop virtual keyboards.”

Houmeissa is released January 18, 2019. You can find out more here.


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