Watch ‘The Earth Defeats Me’ by Lionel Marchetti & Cat Hope from their forthcoming collaborative album on Room40.


Cat Hope is a Perth based composer, sound artist and academic. She is the director of the new music ensemble Decibel and her compositional and performance practices explore the physicality of sound in different media with a particular emphasis on noise, drone, low frequency sound and improvisation. She first met French musique concrète composer Lionel Marchetti in Australia during the Liquid Architecture Festival in 2010 when captivated by his performance she commissioned him to write a piece for Decibel. This was the beginning of their fascinating collaboration that has culminated in The Last Days of Reality, a unique suite of electroacoustic concrète.

This is what Hope has to say about the collaboration:

“Working with Lionel has been remarkable: he has a singular way of thinking about sound and its relationship to works and images. Music concrete is a lifestyle for him, it is a way of thinking, communicating and being. These pieces enable the
acoustic instruments to be part of that – extending the ideas in the partition concrete, using them structurally and texturally, as well as being part of them.”

The Last Days of Reality will be released 23rd of November via Room40. You can find it here.

Film By Karl Ockelford.


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