Hilde Marie Holsen – Lazuli (Hubro)


We keep finding beautiful releases coming from the Norwegian imprint Hubro. This time it is Hilde Marie Holsen’s second work, Lazuli. Born out of collaborations with the artist and painter Tyra Fure Brandsæter.

Named after minerals used to colour paint, the album consists of an exploration of the endless possibilities of Hilde Marie’s main instrument: the trumpet. The opening title ‘Orpiment’ works as a sonic introduction, leaving space for ‘Eskolaite’ to build up a motif. Electronically processed sound elements climb over the misty echoes of the trumpet that floats around the sci-fi soundscape that’s being generated. Our favorite is ‘Lapis’, which is soothing, calm, and highlights the aspects of the trumpet in contraposition with the reverberating background. It feels like a ritual. On the closing title ‘Lazuli’, Hilde Marie Holsen first builds a world, and once that’s done, her trumpet emerges from it. It’s great yet calm, a tone layered over a tone, and it buries itself close to the end. One might think that this work could be also best experienced accompanied by visuals. It’s one of those moments that you wouldn’t want to interrupt.


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