Listen to a full album stream of the forthcoming Remix LP “Turmalinturm” by Fogh Depot


Turmalinturm [remixes]is a compilation of tracks inspired by the second Fogh Depot album released in October 2016 via Denovali Records. The idea was to compile pieces both from artists of the Denovali roster and of the booming Russian electronic scene.

We’ve been big fans of some of Denovali’s recent releases. Make sure you check out our reviews of Terminal Sound System, Prairie, and Nadia Struiwigh.

It’s a dense atmospheric mix of magnetic darkness and genuine delicacy, where simultaneously seductive and disturbing sonics exist at the place that drone, ambient, IDM and live electronica intersect and begin to merge.

Featuring the likes of Saint Petersburg musician Monokle, half of the London-based duo Piano Interrupted and also successful solo musician Franz Kirmann, experienced Moscow artist Dima Ustinov, prolific Sardinian producer Saffronkeira, and the Siberian dark lord of modular synthesizers Hmotand, it’s an eclectic and fascinating collection of music to get lost in.

1. Alice Bob and Cypher (Franz Kirmann’s A Kraftwerk Kiss Remix) 6:20
2. Meduse (Dima Ustinov Remix) 7:52
3. Alice Bob And Cypher (Saffronkeira Remix) 7:36
4. Quicksilver Spoon (Moa Pillar Remix) 5:49
5. Meduse (Monokle Remix) 5:57
6. Oscar (HMOT Deconstruction) 4:00
7. Svetly Prazdnik (John Lemke Remix) 3:57

Turmalinturm Remixes is coming soon on Deonovali Records. You can find out more here.


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