Andrew Tuttle – Andrew Tuttle (Someone Good)


First time Andrew Tuttle, a hidden gem from Australia, came to my attention was some time ago with ‘Brisbane, Transit Centre’, and it just got stuck in my head. It turns out that he recorded it at the renowned EMS Elektronmusikstudion studio in Stockholm, and half the works of his self-titled album released on Someone Good were also made during that residency.

This eponymous record is a cohesive piece consisting of 8 tracks, and one of its main characteristics might be the constant stretching of frequencies accompanied by organic components that caress the spirit. Sometimes evocative and introspective like on the relaxing ‘Sodermalm Syndrome’ or the landscapes on ‘Reflections on the Twilight’. And sometimes full of motion like the juxtaposition of strings and digital processing that drains on ‘A Winding River’, or our favorite one ‘Boarding Zone’, which starts with 3 chords opening the door to playful melodies, and forms a structure that rises and – once elevated through the effects – takes you back to the initial 3 chords and its consequent joy of strings, as if trying to make a statement.

It also has its interlude-like dronish moments, as on ‘Garden Development’, which gives space to the banjo and its distinctive feel, or ‘Metereological Warning’, made in collaboration with Chris Rainier on prepared lap guitar and Dina Maccabee on the viola, and it works as a voyage through the endless possibilities of the strings. The same expanding mixture of synths and signal processing that worked through the album highlights the reflective ‘Transmission Interuption’, amplifying the beauty of the strings. ‘The Coldest Night’ is the second song that features guests, this time Charlie Parr on electric guitar and Joel Saunders on trumpet, and the whole thing vibrates and floats around until the guitar lays smoothly straight on the chest. The hints of a trumpet can only provide the ambition for greatness that this closing title has.

Overall, it seems that Andre Tuttle´s intention is to take us to a beautiful place. I think of an imaginary pond out in the countryside on a morning full of mist, the type of scenario whose harmonious features would be interrupted by our own presence.

Andrew Tuttle – Boarding Zone from ROOM40 on Vimeo.


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