Listen to a mix of Adrian Sherwood On_U_Sound Productions from Jason Heller

To celebrate Adrian Sherwood’s impending visit to Australia, we asked Sherwood afficinado Jason Heller (aka Bono Ono/ MLK-Ultra/ Hessian Jailer etc) to create a mix of some of his favourite Sherwood productions. Heller has interviewed Sherwood twice for Cyclic Defrost and these interviews provide some context behind some of the incredible tunes you hear above. You can read his 2018 interview here. And his 2015 interview here. You can find Heller’s music in his various guises here.

Sherwood is playing:
9th of March @ Womadelaide
10th of March @ The Basement Sydney
11th of March @ Golden Plains Meredith
14th of March @ The Curtain Bandroom Melbourne

So with a bunch of records under his arm, Heller dropped by the Cyclic bunker last Saturday night and brought the noise. We even had a couple of curious onlookers…

Singers and Players – World of Dispensation

Singers and Players – Dispensation Dub

New Age Steppers – Got to Get Away

Creation Rebel/ New Age Steppers – The Final Frontier

Missing Brazilians – Frequency Feast

Mark Stewart & The Mafia – Blessed Are Those That Struggle

African Headcharge – Timbuktu Express

The New Age Steppers – Private Armies (dub)

Dub Syndicate – No Alternative

Creation Rebel – Rubber Skirts (Parts 1,2 & 3)


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