Planetary Assault Systems – Deep Heet Vol 4 (Mote-Evolver)


Since London-based techno DJ / producer Luke Slater inaugurated his ‘Deep Heet’ 12” series under his Planetary Assault Systems alias back in 2008 with its first volume, he’s consistently used the series to showcase his dancefloor-based productions in their ‘purest’ form, building an engine room of constant forward momentum alongside cosmic-tinged levels of moody dark ambience. Five years on from its preceding volume, this latest instalment collects together four new tracks that certainly do justice to the vast, surging energy that you’d associate with his alias’ name of choice.

‘Desert Races’ throws the listener straight into the heart of the action, sending a muted 4/4 kickdrum pulse rolling as waspy synth lines intertwine into a wall of dark, buzzing electronics, only to suddenly get dub-delayed all over the stereo spectrum as chattering hi-hats and steel-coiled snares rise up into the foreground, a distant alarm-like pulse heightening the sense of mounting tension as the track judders along. It’s certainly a ferocious opening gambit that highlights the dark robotic energy lurking at the heart of this 12” EP, and while ‘Life Rhythm’ pares the layers of textures back, it maintains the sense of ominously throbbing power as eerie percussive sequences tumble against rolling 4/4 kickdrums and arcs of buzzing distortion, the murmur of background ambient tones seeming to stretch off endlessly into the distance.

On the flipside, ‘Random Kingdom’ maintains the spookiness as droning textures crawl beneath a dense web of zapping filtered electronics as treated harmonic tones begin to ring out, the high frequencies cycling hypnotically as the shuffling, aluminium-coat hi-hats tighten up into a rattling wall, before ‘Lazer Organical’ closes this EP with a darkhearted stomp through eerie rattling machine tics and vast reverberating synth buzzes. Delicious stuff that’s well worth seeking out.


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