Listen to Lure/Beyond from Pinkcourtesyphone’s forthcoming album on Room40


This from the label:

“Pinkcourtesyphone is a continuing project by Los Angeles-based sound artist Richard Chartier. He is considered one of the key figures in the current of reductionist sound art which has been termed both microsound and Neo-Modernist. Chartier’s minimalist digital work explores the inter-relationships between the spatial nature of sound, silence, focus, perception and the act of listening itself. Pinkcourtesyphone is a more emotional, dare one say musical side of his work. Pinkcourtesyphone is dark but not arch, with a slight hint of humor. Pinkcourtesyphone is amorphous, changing, and slipping in and out of consciousness. Pinkcourtesyphone operates like a syrupy dream and strives to be both elegant and detached.”

Cyclic are big fans of Chartier’s work. You can read our review of his 2015 album Sentimental Something here.

Room40 is releasing Indelicate Slices, the new album for Pinkcourtesyphone in November. Here’s the first taste. Enjoy


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