Listen to Andrew Tuttle put you to sleep


Whilst Brisbane artist Andrew Tuttle is putting the finishing touches to his forthcoming album, he created this little EP together to help him drift off to sleep. Designed to be listened to at low volume, it’s a warm, synthy reverbed bed in which to drift into. file it alongside DJ Olive’s Sleep, and Max Richter’s Sleep.

This is what he has to say about it:

“For this entirely unexpected edition of my ‘Mixtape’ series, I’m doing something a bit different! This one is all about getting some sleep. I made this entirely for my own purposes but after using it to get to sleep for a few nights thought I’d share it, in case it maybe helps you too?

Recently I’ve been noticing light pollution at night more than I ever have before, as well as trying to fall asleep with an active mind. So I thought I’d fully embrace the idea of ‘genre music’ to create some music to doze off to. To do this I went kind of silly playing around with some cheesy pads, delays and presets on the synthesiser; as well as incorporating some phone recordings of recent rain here in Brisbane. ”

You can read our review of his last album Fantasy League here. And here is a recent Cyclic Selects he did for us.


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