Watch “Lentísimo halo” from Juana Molina’s forthcoming album


Argentine director Mariano Ramis has created a video Juana Molina‘s upcoming new album Halo.
The title alludes to the album’s bone-themed art: “halo” refers to the ancient legend of the evil light, which floats above the ground and scares travellers at night.

Here’s what director Mariano Ramis says about the making of this video:

“I wanted the video to be an experience of beauty which illustrates the song, a portrait of the intimacy of Juana’s mind in that beautiful and strange house in which she lives. We shared several ideas, Juana told me something about the way glowing bones are related to the mythical ¨luz mala¨ in the deep night outside the city, I was quite familiar with those stories as a kid, so I connected a lot with that, it was very stimulating process, Robert Wyatt, Juan José Saer, symbolistic painting, structural cinema, there is a little of all that also.

The video is made with a very complex and laborious, frame-by-frame animation technique (involving an inkjet printer, laser film paper and soy sauce), which provides random accuracy in the detail of each frame. This randomness extracted from meticulousness allowed me to end up believing that what I was doing may make some sense.”

Halo, Juana Molina’s seventh album, comes out on May 5.

You can find more information here.


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