Watch the video for Slugabed’s ‘Infinite Wave’


Slugabed is the project of producer Greg Feldwick, a London-based producer who has been using the same buggy version of FruityLoops since he was 14. He’s 27 now, and ready to share his latest full-length, ‘Inherit The Earth’, available April 7 on Anticon Records. Leading things off is the video for “Infinite Wave”, directed by Steve Smith (Globo Digital), illustrating the fetish between humans & computers.

It’s going on four years since a Slugabed album, whether on Ninja Tune, Planet Mu or his label Activia Benz, but the man’s been busy – running a label, working with others, and making a two scrapped LPs’ worth of cuts similar in vibe to the hyper-pop of 2014’s Coolest EP – happier, forest-y, more “plinky-plonky.” But none of those would-be follow-ups began with a schoolgirl calling an arms dealer to buy a tank, as Inherit the Earth does. There’s something in that moment of pretty innocence approaching the cliff’s edge of utter chaos that’s reflected not only in this set’s title, which has been used by both the Bible and a ’90s video game about talking animals who survive human extinction.

You can watch the video for ‘Infinite Wave’ below;


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