Various Asses – Loción (Nice Music)


Various asses feels like various asses, or music made by various people with asses – a collage of highly percussive electro r&b and pop, all mangled and twisted together, pop culture referenced and mixtaped into the mutant form we find here on Loción. There are obvious samples banging around though it’s non too subtle. It’s not really about trainspotting, more a knowing tip of the hat to some clear influences or perhaps songs Various Asses loves.

Various Asses is Melbourne artist Raquel Solier, who you may know for her work under the name Fatti Frances. She calls her sounds “Body Horror Music” and its busy and adventurous, where it feels like she’s shoved everything but the kitchen sink in, where banging dance floor bleeps and pulses collide non too subtly with earnest 80’s torch songs – and it’s kind’ve the point. It’s funny, experimental and weird, but most importantly you can dance to it, as it’s funky as hell. There’s a real devil may care exuberance here, as it feels nothing is disallowed, reminiscent somewhat of a DJ set gone mad.

Songs evolve, build and change in unexpected ways and it’s all mixed together, a hyper energetic synthetic mutant electro funk that’s a bombastic sugar rush of weirdo r&b. I’m pretty sure this is creating whole new future genres.

This cassette is part of a run of six different cassettes released by Nice Music.


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