PREMIERE: Listen to Makeda’s new track Bayati Contours


Melbourne based bass and health aficionado Makeda has graced us with the premiere of her brand new track recorded live on 3RRR mid-2016.

“‘Bayati Contours’ takes its name from the Islamic musical mode, the Maqam Bayati. In Arabic music, the mode is associated with femininity.

When I first begun creating music in a solo context, I found the concept of gendered sound to be a curious – stylistic tropes based on gender, a woman sings, a man as an instrumentalist, producer, or technologist. A long history throughout various cultures of instruments performed only by certain genders. A boyfriend pushing me in the sonic direction he saw fit. This is where the track emerged.

My own project explores postgenderism. I cite Judith Butler in stating that that gender is performative – that the action of this performance produces a series of effects. I’m interested in the social and economic results of these effects, how they can be put into place, and why they are taboo.

This rendition of ‘Bayati Contours’ was recorded live on Melbourne’s 3RRR during Magic Steven’s 1am residency in mid 2016, and makes use of the Maqam Bayati. The recording documents a rare occasion in which the track was performed with lyrics. The lyrics document an experience of emotional abuse from a partner who detested the agency in which I begun to explore the above concepts.”

Makeda plays some new tracks at the Post Office Hotel in Coburg with Chapter Music recording artist Gregor, in a solo mode on Thursday 20th October.


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