Watch the video for Pictureplane’s ‘Joyrider’


Travis Egedy is the Technomancer. You’ll know him as Pictureplane, the Brooklyn-based multimedia artist whose forays against the status quo have disrupted fashion, galleries, and music in kind. While his 2011 album, ‘Thee Physical’ explored sensation and human touch, his newest dives into more ethereal territory: the anxiety of daily life in an era defined by constant technological interaction and observation. But the 11 songs heard here — fleshed out using sonic scraps of industrial, darkwave, ’80s EBM, ’90s house — aren’t purely paranoiac. As the title implies, ‘Technomancer’ is as much about rediscovering the magic in our relationship with our machines.

‘Technomancer’ was recorded across three years in Egedy’s garage, then finished in proper studios in New York and Los Angeles. He was also touring the world with the likes of Major Lazer and Crystal Castles, exhibiting his visual art in galleries abroad, and reading the works of Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock, men whose research in alt archaeology and ancient tech may help unlock truths about where humankind has been and, more importantly, where we’re headed.

Pictureplane’s new album ‘Technomancer’ is released on Anticon on October 30. You can watch the video for ‘Joyrider’ below;


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