Watch Eugene Carchesio’s new piece Meteor Field


Eugene Carchesio – Meteor Field from ROOM40 on Vimeo.

Eugene Carchesio is a Brisbane based artist, renowned for his visual work, though he also dabbles in sound. He has been active in groups such as The Deadnotes, The Lost Domain and has worked extensively under pseudo-names such as DNE. Our interview with him from quite a few years ago is still one of most popular posts. And here is a review of Leaves his incredible collaboration with Leighton Craig, released on Naturestrip many years ago. This piece Meteor Field comes from his newly released album the Planets.

This is what Room40 has to say about it:

“It’s a cosmic collection of his trademarked abstract minimal techno pieces. Like the Milky Way, it is best appreciated in a wholistic sense, only a macro view demonstrates the album’s dimension and weight. Each piece is a micro-galaxy of sound – rhythmic elements folding and overlapping across themselves. Carchesio’s sound worlds are effortlessly uncomplicated and ultimately minimal, but in their simple orbiting structures comes a depth that’s truly inexplicable. This is minimalism without boundaries.”

It’s a remarkable piece, highly distinctive, quite overwhelming, particularly when pared with the visuals which were edited and transformed by Paul W. Rankin, based on original artworks by Carchesio.

You can find more information here.


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