Various Artists – Finest Ego Faces Vol. 5 (Project Mooncircle)


Finest Ego Faces 5

Project Mooncircle’s sublabel Finest Ego have developed a reputation for gathering together refined sounds with previous volumes of their ‘Faces’ split 12” series, and this fifth offering proves no exception, with the emphasis falling on trail-y and expansive post-broken beat atmospheres far more suited to headphone listening than the dancefloor. This latest volume bucks the established game of halves by featuring three different artists rather than the usual two – in this case Greek brothers Tendts, UK-based producer Hanami and 19 year old Australian producer Daixie. Given that three different artists are involved, it’s surprising just how aesthetically cohesive this collection is as a complete listen.

Tendts’ ‘I Meet A Girl’ kicks proceedings off on an spacious and airy note as glittering electronic tones build into a rippling pulse against rolling woodblock percussion that recalls a distinctly more sunny slant on recent Burial, the entire gradually building into a shimmering melodic crescendo as it glides along in seemingly airless fashion. If it’s a suitably delicate and ambient-tinged introduction, Hanami’s ‘Fruition’ comes across as just as smooth and effortless, sending refracted vocal elements arcing off a backdrop of crisp broken house rhythms and soft-focus synths, the sense of deep emotive sweep recalling some of Moderat’s more widescreen arrangements. Elsewhere, Daixie’s ‘Benoit’s sees pitch-shifted guitar plucks drifting against crackling rhythmic loops and hazy, wavering harmonics as distant female vocals fade in as if coming from another room, in a gauzily hypnotic highlight that’s also one of the more hiphop-kissed moments to be found here. Another characteristically excellent volume in Finest Ego’s ‘Faces’ series that sees them going for a slighter gentler vibe this time around.


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