Erika – Hexagon Cloud (Interdimensional Transmissions)



Erika is a techno artist hailing from Detroit, whose music is not sequenced by computer, but rather by hardware sequencers and synths. She is claimed in the album promotion to essentially be a vinyl DJ and analog composer.

Hexagon Cloud is Erika’s debut release and a double vinyl press. Her concepts attached to this album relate to science, space, microscopic organism, plant mutation and star birth.

These concepts were directly conjured in interluding tracks like ‘Early Warning Starfield’ and ‘Tunneling’. Other tracks like ‘North Hex’ and ‘Gardner’ were less concept-driven, and more straightforward and funky techno ass-shakers. These tracks will go down well if played out in a set to serious techno lovers.

The overlaying conceptual nature was reflected in these tracks in the ambient and minimal textures in the background, which created atmosphere on top of the pulsing and hypnotic rhythm.

In this sense, Hexagon Cloud has achieved its conceptual goals, and also made a great dance album to be played at in clubs, outdoors and warehouses globally. Hexagon Cloud may not appeal to a broader audience, but will resonate within its generic envelope and to those who love simple 4-4 atmospheres.



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