Glamour Lakes – Canicule EP (Silo Arts/Frenchkiss)


Adelaide producer Glamour Lakes puts forth a stellar offering with the Canicule EP. Released through Brisbane label/collective Silo Arts both digitally and as a limited run of 10″ vinyl, Canicule is an exploration of dance and electronic music through a defined and unique lens.

The title track, ‘Canicule’, opens up the proceedings with a no-mess introduction; ethereal synths and warped vocal samples lead into a smacking snare drum rhythm. The same motif continues on throughout the song, before breaking out halfway through with a solid driving kick that pushes the track forwards until its end.

‘Boundless’ picks up in a similar fashion, however with a much different aesthetic. Still with a heavy use of twisted vocal samples, this time they form the main melody of the song, again with left-of-centre percussion coming in to lift the track onwards. Developing into a much more loaded and layered piece, ‘Boundless’ extends and evolves the sounds that it begins with into a frantic and somewhat schizophrenic nature.

A stand out on the release for its more conventional house music elements, ‘Have Answers’ is definitely a favourite. With a 4/4 kick throughout the song, again with the heavily effected vocal samples resting above, it pushes through with an uplifting and somewhat euphoric synth line that drops in and out as the track moves on.

Rounded out by ‘Rocket Miles of Morning Space’, again sitting more on the house side of things, albeit with a distinct twist, it carries on the bright and joyous mood introduced by ‘Have Answers’, fading out with soft arpeggios as the track, and EP, comes to a close.

Definitely a pick for the fan of the more experimental side of dance music, Canicule is available digitally and on 10″ through the Silo Arts online store.

Joshua Millar


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