Spyweirdos – Feeling Of Movement (Creative Space)


Feeling of Movement may be an unimaginative title but it successfully evokes the sonic spaces and themes explored throughout Greek chamber ensemble Spyweirdos’s seventh album. The project of Spyros Polychronopoulos, Spyweirdos is very much a post-electronic ensemble, creating myriad digital-like extra-musical effects – dissonant scrapes, bell tones, percussive taps, industrial rasping – from piano, clarinet, cello, double bass, guitar and drums, further offset by effects and processing. The independence of musical parts – all players at times in their own worlds – recalls Greek master Xenakis, but there’s a great deal less overt violence and noise. Dotted through the album’s six movements are moments of reductionist drone jitters which link Spyweirdos closer to the Viennese improv of Polwechsel, but the palpable energy which crackles all over this release is very much their own.

Joshua Meggitt


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