Radiosonde – Radiosonde (Flau)



Hayati Aoki and Takashi Tsuda form the core of Japanese duo Radiosonde whose self titled second album focuses on subtle compositions and improvisations around their respective instruments, guitar and autoharp. They are joined on this album by ambient electronic artist Sawako (12K) and experimentalist Hiromitsu Shoji (soundworm). They create brief improvisations and provide subtle and melodic effects that can waver off creating ambient spatial backgrounds. The interplay between the autoharp and guitar act as a form of conversation between elements in this quiet meditative album. Tracks like ‘Cirrus’ take the album beyond this interplay with the inclusion of long high tonal drones and sampling of a child’s words forming a dream scape electronic meets acoustic floating in clouds.

Radiosonde translates as weather balloon and most of the tracks are named after clouds, weather and nature.You can make as much and as little from these conjunctions but the hint towards a contemporary folk or bucolic impression is cast over the reception of the tracks as if they invoke a sense of nature as a romantic or even essential subject. Suffice to say the portrayal of nature here is equated with a sophisticated sense of calm meditative ambience that has allusions to sound as sculptural and painterly.



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