Various Artists – Consume: Psy -Harmonics Volume 6 (Psy-Harmonics)


Psy-Harmonics are pitching themselves as the soundtrack to the 21st Century. We’ve arrived at a place where for the first time in our history our consumption is being scrutinised. Suddenly there are new forces at play. Perhaps we shouldn’t fill up our plate, perhaps we shouldn’t go back for seconds, and perhaps we shouldn’t throw out what we don’t use. Who knows perhaps the pot will be empty by the time we get back. Consume, the latest 2cd label sampler continues the prog electronica fusion thing that the label has become increasingly renowned for, and whilst there are numerous exceptions to the rule, it’s this approach that offers the biggest highlight of this set. Eye (I’m assuming from the Boredoms) and Sinkichi’s remix of Dachambo’s Conga La Gotta is the kind of ecstatic never ending tribal jam that has made the boredoms so great in recent years. Shaolin Wooden Men get all mischievous, glitchy, and electronic with the curious Error Vol.1 and Black Lung gets a punchy rework by Birmingham techno dude Sir Real. It’s a real mish mash of locals and internationals, of remixes and rarities, of cohesiveness and weirdness. Antediluvian Rocking Horse get onto a banging twanging trip, evoking some kind of hoe down stomp, perhaps creating a new dance craze. Elsewhere there’s New York psychedelic weirdoes Silver Apples with some antagonistic ambient work, Zen Paradox, Ai Yamamoto playing with glasses, Boy is Fiction getting dreamy and electro cinematic, Hesius Dome, and some inexplicable rock courtesy of a Zen Paradox remix of Black Cab and a heavy as hell Ollie Olsen remix of James Hogg. It’s diverse, weird and wonderful music, though at 25 tracks there’s a lot to take in, yet in this case gluttony doesn’t seem like such a bad thing.

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