Unknown Rockstar – Pictures Of Poodles (Postmoderncore)


Opening with what sound Tibetan singing bowls spinning in circles around each other, Unknown Rockstar’ Pictures of Poodles is an slowly wrought series of three improvised pieces. During this opening track, entitled “Beacon’ the apparent bowls hum in some sort of undercurrent of mid-range wave, becoming trapped and loosening themselves to again get lost in the sine. There seems enough colour on first listen but not enough movement. On hearing it again the piece becomes a meditation, a slow-moving epic that changes uncomfortably in parts and unnoticed in others.

The title track is much more of an attack. Over 26 minutes the loops become fuzzed out, distorted and move much more rapidly. Delayed echoes of made of aching feedback and what could be snippets of Reich’ “Drumming’ reprocessed and rerecorded at a grainier volume appear and fade and bounce back and off of each other, burning like so many tortured transistors.

Overall the first two pieces, while they sit quite different alongside in terms of the speed of sound, they don’ seem meditative enough to fit under the electroacoustic moniker and not quite inventive enough to be called psychedelic. The final piece “White Circle Theme’ takes the slow-burn of the opening track and utilises more guitar to burn droning holes into the speakers. Kinda sounds like a brighter Sunn O))) played through a tower of cheap and mangled practice amps. And what at first seems too intense and over-bled sound soon shifts into blissed out wash of distilled junkshop echo. Pretty tasty.


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