Drumcorps – Grist (Ad Noiseam/Cock Rock Disco)


Woah. Heavy. Drumcorps is the grindcore meets breakcore alias of Aaron Spectre, the versatile and ever interesting US breakcore/dubstep/junglist producer now residing in Berlin. With so many different releases under his belt and with a long seminal interest in metal, Drumcorps is not unexpected. However rather than pummelling amens overlaid with the big metal riffs, like Amon Tobin’s ‘Angel Of Theft’s Slayer bootleg, Drumcorps deconstructs grindcore and plays with its sense of time, density and atmosphere. The riffs are sludgy, heavy, intense, and Spectre uses time stretching to expand and draw out sounds, while the individual elements of the amen break are broken apart to emulate arm-flailing drumming. A compact 35 minutes long, Drumcorps is a defiant and highly recommended homage to metal in an era of parody. Lovely faux medieval artwork too.


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