Purdy Live Set on FBi Today


For anyone in Sydney and the greater outlying areas, you can catch a live set by Purdy, recorded at the Tardis studio exclusively for FBi FM, ( 94.5 on your dial) today at 2pm.

Those unfamiliar with Kevin’s work should definately give this a listen, as his live sets are always a glorious example of his gift for warm psychedelics and melodious sound. You can read a detailed interview with him in Cyclic Defrost #8.

Stay tuned for the third album from the tenacious trio, Tooth (of which Purdy is one third), which will be coming out early next year. From what I’ve heard of it so far via fellow band member Robbo, it is sounding like their best work yet.


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  1. I must have missed that part! I was away from my desk when the set started – what happened exactly? I wondered why it only went for 22 minutes.