Listen to strange hypnotic loops from Matthew Hayes’ forthcoming album


Bassist in 30/70, Z*F*E*X, Cousin Tony’s Brand New Firebird and more, Melbourne artist Matthew Hayes forthcoming album, Codeine Dream Loop features twenty-two pieces that draw upon loops, fragments, demo recordings and samples from his entire back catalog. Utilising bass guitar, drum kit, string sections, bells, vocal samples, field recordings, and fragments of previous works and unheard demos, the music has a strange almost mixtape quality to it. In this sense its a collage, with fragments of his past, present and future all colliding in one strange hallucinatory experimental sound work. These are the second five loops that he has released prior to the album dropping.

This is what he has to sat about it:

“I wanted to capture a bizarre phenomenon that I sometimes experience while sleeping, usually if I’ve taken some pain or cold medication where I get stuck into a dream loop. A weird thought pattern, memory or surreal dream scenario loops around and it’s tricky to free myself of it!”

Codeine Dream Loop will be released on the 28th of October via Bedroom Suck Records / Flightless (AU/NZ), Cargo Records (UK/EU) & Dispatch Dept. (North America). You can find it here.


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