Listen to Robert Gerard Pietrusko’s Détente Avant mix for Cyclic Defrost


With the impending release of his Room40 album Elegiya, a beautiful recording that uses the repetition of five piano motifs with constant variation and extrapolation across the album’s nine tracks, we asked Robert Gerard Pietrusko to create a mix for us.

A designer and composer whose work explores the technologies of spatial measurement-classification-representation and their interaction with techniques of the body, he has exhibited internationally in a variety of museums and galleries including the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA). He is currently an Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design.

Elegiya is released on the 9th of July via Room40. you can find it here.

His mix, Détente Avant, is an hour-long mix of kosmische electronic pieces from the late cold war era (détente and after). It features composers primarily from the Communist Bloc countries but with a few Western European gems as well.

Boris Petrov – Вступление [1984, Russia]
Igor Len – Здесь [1989, Russia]
Oleg Buloshkin – Таинство [1968, Russia]
Eduard Artemyev – Révélation [1979, Russia]
Sergei Djokanov – Копнеж [1985, Bulgaria]
Sven Grünberg – Дыхание (excerpt) [1981, Estonia]
Ashra – Nightdust [1976, Germany]
Vladimir Martynov – Весенний этюд [1980, Russia]
Stanislav Kreitchi – Ellipsiada 2 [2000, Georgia]
Bernard Parmegiani – Métamorphose du vide, Échos, mélopée [1984, France]
Ivo Malec – Carillon Choral (edit) [1981, Yugoslavia]
Mladen Milićević – Ac. Guit. [1983, Yugoslavia]
Michael Hoenig – Voices of Where [1978, Germany]
Adelbert Von Deyen – Atmosphere pt.1 (excerpt) [1980, Germany]
Harald Grosskopf – Trauma (excerpt) [1980, Germany]
Vadim Khrapachev – Финал (Finale) [1982, Ukraine]
Igor Len – Тебе (You) [1989, Russia]


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