Listen to Francisco López unleash the two-headed snake


The above piece comes from a duo album with Japanese sound artist Yui Onodera. Each artist created their own piece from the same shared source materials: environmental recordings made in Japan by Francisco López (Aso-San Volcano, Kyoto, Kyta-Kyushu, Nagoya, Tabayama, Tokyo, 2000-2014) and Yui Onodera (Tokyo, 2012-2014).

López apparently does this quite a bit and he has just launched a new immaterial (so-called ‘digital’) label in Bandcamp called Two-Headed Snake, where he plans on releasing some of his album duo collaborations with international artists. Thus far there are albums with Onodera, Arcane Device, Thaniel Ion Lee, and Alberto Novello. All of these albums were all completed this year.

If you don’t know López he is an incredibly prolific field recordist and sound artist who consistently crafts compelling and dynamic soundscapes from the most unusual sources. He also dislikes naming them, with most of his pieces named untitled. You can read our review here of his recent A Bunch Of Stuff (1980-2020) 40 Years of Sonogenic Composition which he released on a usb stick thanks to the length of many of his pieces.

You can find López’s Two-Headed Snake here.


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