Children of the Ultra-Void cosmically birth two new releases


Melbourne based time-space travellers Children of the Ultra-Void have transmuted some cosmic frequencies to the digital realm and channeled them into two new releases of cosmiche psychedelic ambience. Embracing both the dark and the light these cosmic weirdoes sent through this press release to mark the occasion and I don’t think I can top it really so here it is:

The collective entity bearing the designation: “Children of the Ultra-Void TM ”, produces
Ultra-Pathic Sound Treatments, (U.S.T.s), at their Ultranetics Institute located beyond space
and time; sowing vibrational seeds of harmonic dissonance in the unconscious that manifest
as a growing void of consciousness.

The Children’s mission continues to be the proclamation of the ineffable Anti-Doctrine of
the void beyond voids and the manifestation of the inevitable annihilation that is the
Ultra-VoidTM .

Existing beyond space and time, on “the pathless route of the unbounded river that runs
through the peripheral centre of deathless mortality”, The Institute is unbounded by the
restrictions of physical and mental ‘reality’ as conceived of by those who are yet to realise the
nature of the aphonic voice of cataclysmic regeneration calling from deep within their
unreality. We are here to facilitate your transition into the highest realms of everlasting

Ease into discomfort with this exclusive collection of the most potent U.S.T.s chosen at
random from the infinity stored in the Institute’s Akashic Archives available now on
Bandcamp here:

And here:

And available at your usual electronic outlets from Dec 5, 2020.


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