Listen to ‘Nafas’ from Youmna Saba off a Ruptured tribute album for the Beirut Musicians’ Fund


In the aftermath of the August 4th explosion in Beirut, which left several hundred people dead, thousands injured, and resulted in city-wide material damage, several labels and platforms have started releasing compilations in support of the crisis.

The Ruptured Sessions Vol.6 is the latest iteration of Ziad Nawfal‘s series of live recordings in the studios of Radio Lebanon.

Nawfal‘s Ruptured label has released some pretty incredible music over the years, including Hifiklub & Mike Cooper’s, Aran Stories (you can read our review here) Fadi Tabbal’s How’s Annie (you can read our review here), and MME Chandelier’s Post Coital Tristesse, which you can find here.

Spanning a period of 10 years, this collection includes live versions of songs by Lebanese musicians Alko B, The Incompetents, Kinematik, Postcards, Safar, The Wanton Bishops, Who Killed Bruce Lee, and Youmna Saba, as well as previously unreleased tracks by Charlie Rayne, Cosmic Analog Ensemble, and El Rass & Munma.

All Bandcamp sales from this release will be forwarded to Tunefork Studios‘ Beirut Musicians’ Fund, aimed at providing relief to those musicians most impacted by the deadly blast of August 4th. The fund will replace musicians’ damaged recording equipment, instruments and various music gear.

You can find The Ruptured Sessions Vol.6 here. You can donate directly to Beirut Musicians’ Fund here.


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