Listen to the eclectic scattered beauty of ‘Rungholt’ from Skyphone


The weird twanged out electronics that is ‘Rungholt’ comes from Danish trio Skyphone’s first new album in 5 years, and it’s a gorgeous amalgamation of minimal electronic sounds and real in the room textures and instrumentation. It’s gentle, eclectic folktronics, yet forget the negative connotations of the genre from a decade or so go, this is something quite special. We missed Marsh Drones when it was first released last August, though we’re happy to have made its acquaintance more recently. Better late than never. Skyphone recommend their music as being great “for hypnotized walking on a variety of wobbly surfaces.” We concur.

It was released by Lost Tribe Sound, alongside its predecessor Hildur. This is what they have to say about it:

“Many of the ideas on the ‘Marsh Drones’ emerged from field recordings from the area around the Tønder marshlands recorded by various members of the band. They provided a backdrop to the loops and long guitar session of guitar, bass, synthesizers, and samples that were slowly mangled and rearranged into counterpointing and fugue-like melodies, insistent on repetition while odd atmospheres of distant drones and noise works to modify and shift the composition into new shapes. The music is minimal, restrained, but rich in detail like the landscape it attempts to resonate with. There are remnants of folk music, melodies that are almost recognizable, but dub music and something distinctly digital intersects itself into the woodwork and authenticity.”

You can find Marsh Drones here.


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