Listen to ‘Harbors part 3’ from Ellen Fullman & Theresa Wong’s forthcoming album on Room40


Harbors, is a collaboration between US composer Ellen Fullman (Long String Instrument) and Theresa Wong (cello), which is structured around the extended harmonics of the open strings of the cello. Wong and Fullman utilize subsets of these tonal areas to create distinct sonic environments within the piece.

The piece is a work of constantly shifting drones that layer over each other that recalls the hypnotic quality of the Indian tanpura – albeit a little more metallic. It’s a gorgeous, extended highly resonant work.

If you don’t know about Fullman’s Long String Instrument, it’s an installation of over forty strings spanning seventy feet in length, with the performers inside the actual resonating body, transforming the architecture itself into the musical instrument. Wong meanwhile uses extended cello techniques captures material electronically, layering textures amplified throughout the space which form an immersive field where figure and ground are in constant flux.

It’s due out on Room40 on the 14th of August. You can find it here.


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