Listen to a smoky ballad about Lee Harvey Oswald from Snog’s new album


Yep it’s that time again. Snog has released another album.

You can read our 2015 interview with him here. You can read our review of 2015’s Compliance here, and 2013’s Lies Inc here, as well as Babes In Consumerland, Everything is Under Control, The Last Days of Rome, Planet of Shit, and The Kings of Hate. Yep we like Snog.

This album had a really unique genesis as his label describes:

“Wracked in his twilight years by crises of doubt, identity, emotional collapse and mental health, Thrussell had effectively withdrawn from public life and most of his creative endeavours. At its nadir, Thrussell spent nearly a year bed-ridden and virtually comatose. Only the timely intervention of internationally renowned therapist Dr. Ian White averted his final spiritual and physical disintegration.

Placed under constant supervision and medicated with the most advanced treatments available, it took two years of an extreme therapeutic regimen – pain, torment, fiduciary stewardship and personal tutelage – for Dr. White to rehabilitate Thrussell: for the artist to take his first halting steps toward composing, performing and recording once again.”

Those steps have come to fruition with the release of Lullabies For The Lithium Age. You can support his continued recovery here.


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