Melbourne Music Week highlights


Melbourne Music week begins this thursday the 14th of November and it boasts a pretty impressive lineup. We’re particularly excited by the return of German sound artist and Ableton co creator Robert Henke (Monolake) with his special extended laser work Lumière IIIx. It promises to be a highly immersive audio visual work. This is what they have to say about it:

“Lumière II explores the limits of what can be done with lasers, pushing the medium to the extreme and playing with its very own properties to create previously unseen images of excessive brightness or near complete darkness, pure white or colours impossible to achieve with video, shapes and movements between boldness and complex elegance. A constantly refined piece of software written by the artist himself makes it possible to compose in a process that always links sound and vision.” You can find more here.

MESS – Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio are also presenting a show, featuring the electro acoustic experimentation of Anuencia, live elctronic artist Chiara Kickdrum, and the cinematic avant pop of Biscotti. It’s an interesting mix of artists, with access to incredible hardware that are sure to produce some fascinating experimental works. You can find more here.

Evelyn Ida Morris (Piklet) is also putting in an appearance. We’re big fans of Evelyn’s work. You can read a Cyclic Select they did for us a few years ago here. You can find Evelyn’s performance here.

Another Cyclic Selects creator Robin Fox will be performing alongside Henke in his Monolake guise and Andy Stott. You can find details here.

There’s also a series of free talks exploring sustainability in music, mood in music, and cancel culture. You can find more information here. Whilst Henke will also do a free talk about his Lumière IIIx project here.

This is barely scratching the surface, with 300 artists covering pretty much every genre you can think of. You can find the full program here.


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