Happy Easter mix of misguided and genius Christian music by Bob Baker Fish

“Turn off to hatred, turn off to fear, turn on your love to something true, turn on your love to God – he’s there.” Welcome to the discarded hopes dreams and tales of ecstatic morality gathering dust on the bottom of op shop shelves around the country.

Christian music is a world unto itself, from jazzed up nuns, to bizarre proselytizing space pirates, to Zappa inspired private press soft rock, to soundtracks of drug addicted switchblade wielding youths – it’s all here.

Always attempting to tap into youth culture, the church was especially challenged by the free love freak folk counterculture of the 60’s and worked hard to let the disaffected youth know that Jesus was one hep cat. That’s why there’s Doors soundalike Franciscus Henri’s epic refer tinged ‘John,’ complete with didgeridoo, or the clean living love in, ‘Natural High’. And we all know that children are the youths of tomorrow, and they feature prominently, asking to be forgiven for their sins and turning parables into fun supernatural adventures.

It’s odd, it’s heartfelt. It’s funny and often quite clever. Enjoy this mix from Cyclic features editor and Christian music enthusiast Bob Baker Fish.

Happy Easter from Cyclic Defrost.

Track List:

Satan Enters The Garden – Bill, Kathy and Uncle Earl

The Ten Commandments – Sister Janet Mead

Natural High – Ralph Carmichael & Kurt Kaiser

Dr Jesus – Michael & Stormie Omartian

It’s Cool in The Furnace – Buryl Red & Grace Hawthorne

John – Franciscus Henri

Patch the Pirate Goes to Space – Patch The Pirate

Could He Be The Messiah – Michael W Smith Project

Walk & Talk – Firewind

Say Amen – Johnny Ashcroft

Ding Dong – A Man Dies

The Addict’s Psalm – Ralph Carmichael

Heaven – The Kids Praise Album

It Must Be God – Keith Miller & Ralph Carmichael


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Bob is the features editor of Cyclic Defrost. He is also evil. You should not trust the opinions of evil people.