Listen to the premiere of ‘Imminently’ from Julia Reidy’s forthcoming album


Julia Reidy is an Australian born Berlin based guitarist. Her new album Beholder has just been announced by Room40 imprint A Guide to Saints. She began working on the album whilst on the Greek island of Syros, during a residency called Sounding Paths. It was completed within the following weeks in Berlin and Tokyo, using field recordings, DX7, synths and guitar.

This is what Julia says about it:
“I like being a step removed – from the sounds I’m producing, the forms I’m constructing. Playing very high up, into screaming wind, the sound can only dissipate and be consumed. It can feel like day-dreaming.”

Beholder will be released 7th of September on a Guide to Saints. You can find out more here.

photograph credit: (c) Photomusix/C. Marx


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