Listen to ‘Allodynia’ from Melbourne artist Francis Inferno Orchestra’s new ambient album


Veranda Culture is the new album from Melbourne artist and DJ, Francis Inferno Orchestra, who has previously released music on Let’s Play House, Voyeurhythm and Drumpoet Community.

Veranda Culture is a fascinating listen, a gentle change of pace, balancing New Age ambience, percussive pulse rides and echoing synths.

Recorded over a period of three years between Melbourne and London, FIO began making Veranda Culture after discovering the debut album of Greek-born, Sausalito-based composer Iasos – the New Age masterpiece ‘Inter-Dimensional Music’ LP — in Melbourne’s Liquorice Pie record store. He finished writing the album in London during a somewhat chaotic time in his life, when he was feeling the pressure-cooker environment of the city.

It’s out now. You can find out more here.


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