Listen to ‘Everything He Does’ from Melbourne songwriter Dan Flynn


Everything He Does is our first taste of Melbourne songwriter and producer, Dan Flynn’s new solo album ‘Ghost Melodies’. Dan has been releasing music for almost 15 years under various guises including Major Chord and as one half of folk/noise duo Children of the Wave.

Ghost Melodies represents a shift away from Dan’s folk aesthetic where the acoustic guitars have almost totally been replaced with analogue synthesizers, drum machines and mellotron. For eighteen months, Dan placed himself in voluntary exile in his Melbourne home studio with the express purpose of creating this new sound. Whilst he has repeatedly collaborated throughout his career, he views Ghost Melodies as ‘an almost pathological adherence to a singular musical vision.’ Who knew such intensity could sound so sweet?

We’ve been fans of Dan for a while now and even asked him to interview Oliver and Paddy Man a while back. You can read that interview here.

‘Ghost Melodies’ is out Sept 15 and available via Bandcamp and usual online stores. You can find out more here.


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