Listen to the blurry pop field recordings of Kate Carr’s ‘Things That Stubbornly And Resiliently Subsist Without Leave.’


It comes from her forthcoming cassette release on Helen Scarsdale that we’re expecting at the end of next month.

This is what the label has to say:

“she has collected innumerable sounds from the urbane to the aqueous and from the frenetic to the sublime, contextualizing all of these into compositions rippling with primordial melodies through guitar, piano, and electronics..emblematic of her work is a gentle dislocation between the environmental sounds and her drone-dub ellipses of somnambulant melody. the clatter of a frozen dock or a vibrational shimmer from rustled objects or the unintelligible whispers displaces the sense of self amidst a sea of disparate symbols and coded thought. more a travelogue in and out of one’s own body than to any particular place. carr suggests “in a way, it is about restlessness, an uncomfortable tossing and turning in all these many different places, a struggle somehow to forge a connection between my own internal world and all these places and persons i have encountered. i think this holds a sense of unease and strain, with both beautiful and failed moments of intimacy and connection which are made either possible or impossible in the difficult and distorted context of being away. it is quite sad, really.”

Kate is a former Cyclic Defrost contributor. You can find some of her pieces here.

We also interviewed her in 2015. You can read that here.

You can find the Helen Scarsdale label here.


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