Listen to Valgeir Sigurdsson’s ‘Infamy Sings’


Icelandic composer & musician Valgeir Sigurdsson has just shared news of his latest full-length release, Dissonance, which will be available April 21 via Bedroom Community.

Dissonance is the first solo release for Valgeir since 2012’s Architecture Of Loss, also on Bedroom Community, the label he founded alongside Nico Muhly and Ben Frost. The record treads elegantly along a fine line between traditional symphonic organicism and the fissures of the faltering structures of reality. It takes forward Sigurdsson’s typically expansive, panoramic writing, and elevates it to a perpetual construction and deconstruction of time and space.

These are hardly Valgeir’s first experiments with the archaic technology of classical instruments, but here, the distance between past and present is precisely what the music itself is designed to explore, and to distort. It is disarmingly human, reflecting the most extreme four years of Sigurðsson’s life, full of ecstatic joy and deep sorrow. Dissonance is a personal and collective musical treatise to explore and question a world that is collapsing under its internal dissonances.

You can listen to ‘Infamy Sings’ below;


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