Burnt Friedman in Melbourne this weekend


German electronic artist Burnt Friedman, one of the more influential artists of his generation, renowned for his solo albums on his own Nonplace label and his duos with Can’s Jaki Liebezeit and Atom TM in Flanger, Friedman consistently creates forward thinking uncompromising music with a deep percussive groove.

We spoke to him a few years back. You can read our interview here.

A periodic visitor to Australia, he is returning to Melbourne this week with three very different performances.

He begins with a sound-lecture SHADOWS OF THE WEST on thursday, where he explores the fundamental differences between “Western” and “non-Western” notions of rhythm – in relation to his own work and his collaboration with Can drummer Jaki Liebezeit and their concept of “secret” or coded rhythms.

Friday night he’ll be playing on the concept of a musical campfire. ONO takes inspiration from traditions of oral storytelling. Over the night, four musical offerings will each spin a yarn of abstract and ambient sounds in the belly of the SUBSTATION

Whilst on Sunday he’ll perform live at the Toff.

Feb 23 – The Channel, Arts Centre Melbourne – SHADOWS OF THE WEST lecture
Feb 24 – The Substation Melbourne – Ono party with Nuel (Italy), Sleep D (Butter Sessions) and Albrecht La’Brooy
Feb 26 – The Toff In Town Melbourne -with J David. Franzke & Bwise


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