Listen to the smooth outsider sounds of Bobby Brown’s ‘Hawaii Nei I’ll Miss You (Israel Bound)’


Bobby Brown is an interesting character and his nomadic lifestyle, strong friendship with Phillip K Dick and eccentric approach to music, mark him as one of the more interesting artists of the 1970’s – 80’s.

“Hawaii Nei I’ll Miss You (Israel Bound)” is from his third and more pop orientated album, Prayers of a One Man Band which he wrote, recorded and produced entirely himself. It features over 50 homemade instruments, and it was released privately in 1982. His sound bridges the gap between new age, pop, and folk with a laidback eccentric Californian charm. His vocal range too is quite remarkable, as are his myriad of musical influences that he somehow makes all his own.

“To say something that tries to improve the condition of our world may come off as sounding preachy, but if the magic and your love can be found in my attempt, it comes off as right by me. Thanks for thousands of perfect moments.” Bobby Brown.

Prayers of a One Man Band has just been reissued. You can find the album here.


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