Listen to ‘The Observable Universe’, off Kid Koala’s upcoming new album


A record of many firsts for Eric San, the inaugural volume in the Music To Draw To series finds Kid Koala collaborating with a singer, writing lyrics, and producing and performing all instruments. ‘Satellite’ is the renowned audio-collagist’s first non-sample-based record, using an array of synthesizers, keys, guitars, basses, strings, turntables, noisemakers, and inventive recording techniques to create its celestial atmosphere.

Written during the Montreal winter, ‘Music To Draw To: Satellite’ tells a heartrending tale of discovery and loss through the lens of lovers separated by a one-way space mission to Mars. The album’s eighteen spacious movements are threaded with eight lyrical songs written by Kid Koala in collaboration with Emilíana Torrini.

‘Music To Draw To: Satellite’ will be released on January 20 through Arts & Crafts. You can listen to ‘The Observable Universe’ below;


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