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Bilby’s ‘Botanicals’ is a snapshot of Australia right now, the current 2016 Australia being destroyed by absent government, bigotry, classism, environmental damage and hopelessness distracting itself for just a second on World Star Hip Hop and watching the US presidential election thinking ‘guess it it’s not THAT bad’. This is like if El-P produced the Triffids’ ‘Wide Open Road’, the Drones if they were into Gucci Mane.

If ‘Nevermind the Sex Pistols’ reflected Thatcher’s Britain and ‘It Takes a Nation of Millions’ was Bush’s America this is defs Turnbull’s Australia and Mike Baird’s Sydney. This is feeling hopeless in the face of the-powers-that-be not even caring about lying to your face. This is the sound of staying in cos there’s nothing outside for you anymore. This is some real fuckin talk, but most of all this is super definitely totally important.

In Sydney, where rental prices are pushing people deep in the suburbs on the daily and musician’s careers are becoming frustrating juggling acts of fulfilling dreams or fulfilling enough minimum wage hours to make rent. This is worth your time.

Bilby’s sound encompasses the punk and emo kid brought up on hip hop where Kathleen Hanna and Pimp C are of equal importance, of IPod shuffles that play E-40 followed by Further Seems Forever tracks. Where genre is fluid (genrefluid if you will, genrequeer?) and you fuck with emotion and presence more than a box made to sell products. Tracks take cues from DJ Mustard, early Blink 182, Das Racist and The Microphones all at once.

‘Botanicals’ is out now thru Yes Rave (the new Sydney label founded by rapper/producer Simo Soo & DJ Cat Lyf) as a free/pay-what-you-want download. You can grab it from the link below;


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